[Review] Zoar: Bring the ancient glory or eradicate enemies’ cities

Imagine this: you were brought to the desert ruined by the long war of the four tribes. The war had not yet ceased and now you were one of the tribe leaders guiding your armies through the vast desolate land to retain your tribe's ancient relic while defending […]

[Review] Spring Rally: A cute racing game from Korea

Spring Rally is a board game published by Mandoo, a company based in South Korea. It's a good time to introduce this game after we played the other board games coming from another part of Asia, such as Taiwan and Japan. From 3-5 players can play this game; […]

[Review] Upstream: Join the Salmon’s Journey

I always love board games like Upstream that sound up ecology and environment with its theme, knowing how important and crucial it is this day. Well, there's a bunch of publishers and designers who have designed and published games bringing up this topic recently and I am interested […]

[Review] Wangdo: The Bear Kingdom Needs a King

After a very long pause due to the holiday season in 2018, we are back to provide you with Wangdo, another board game from Asia that we got from Spiel Essen 2018. Wangdo is designed by Frank Crittin, Grégoire Largey, and Sébastien Pauchon; it is published by Mandoo […]

[Review] Siam: Rivalry Between the Elephants and the Rhinos

Siam was located in the present-Thailand, has been an inspiration for many masterpieces including this board game. Join our safari to the heart of the forest in the ancient kingdom to watch the intense rivalry between two marvellous creatures of the earth: the rhinos and the elephants.A bit background […]

[Review] Here Comes the Dog: Dogs Here, There, Everywhere

Do you guys like dogs?  Own a dog? We happen to be dogs owners and love them so dearly. Besides having to give them love and attention, of course we have to feed them every day. This time, we are going to review one of the light board […]

[Review] Horticulture Master: Whose Garden Is the Most Beautiful?

Before we talk about Horticulture Master, I need to mention that Taiwan has been producing more board games and designers for years. One of them, Livia from Mozi Games who also attended Spiel Essen 2018 to showcase their front foot. Horticulture Master successfully attracted crowd due to its beautiful […]

[Review] Itchy Monkey: Spread Your Lice Colonies

The fifth Hall of Spiel Essen 2018 offered lots of wonders and it's also the place where I met Itchy Monkey's creators, Blackbox Adventures. They are a board game company based in The Netherlands. Bart, Alina, and Baas welcomed Meeple Eksyen not only with a warn hospitality, but […]

[Review] Ambar: Becoming the Most Successful Amber Trader

A bit about my history with Ambar: Meeting Alberto Cano was not in Meeple Eksyen’s agenda during Spiel Essen 2018. This Spanish man is the co-founder of Invedars, a company that develops not only mobile games but also board games. One of the board games they brought to the booth […]

[Review] DiceWar: Light of Dragons, Luck-Free Dice Game

A dice-heavy board game highly involves the aspect of luck, usually that is. This mainstream point of view was perhaps not appealing for the Switzerland based designer and publisher, Suncore Games. Thus they tried to break the stigma by engineering a game with dice and cognitive skill as its main […]