[News] Moonlight Boardgame Festival 2019 sneak peeks part 2

Hello and welcome back to the juiciest sneak peeks and spoilers for Moonlight Boardgame Festival 2019! Last time we have covered the games from Enjoy Thinking Studio, Play With Us Design, and itten. If you miss part 1, you can still read it here! The games they'll showcase […]

[News] The Launch of BARPIG: After Hours in Kickstarter

Big News from Your Friendly Pig Neighbour I bet your hangouts at the bar have not been dull since  BARPIG entered your life. And so has mine! Thankfully, no harm has been involved in the process of having fun with it. *winks* But just when you thought your […]

[Review] Cenayang: A local party game from Indonesia

While I am drafting the next entry for Essen 2018's loot, today we will review a local board game from Indonesia as an intermezzo. Cenayang: A game of assumption (we'd like to shorten it as Cenayang only from now on) is a party game designed by Arya Wirahadi […]

[Review] BARPIG: A Couple of Pigs Went Inside a Bar….

Ever Wondered What Happened When A Couple of Pigs Went Inside a Bar?Yes, you got that right, folks. I'm talking about pigs, real P-I-G-S. Who says pigs only go back to their shed when the sun falls? They come out to have fun! And what better place to […]

[Review] Here Comes the Dog: Dogs Here, There, Everywhere

Do you guys like dogs?  Own a dog? We happen to be dogs owners and love them so dearly. Besides having to give them love and attention, of course we have to feed them every day. This time, we are going to review one of the light board […]