[News] Moonlight Boardgame Festival 2019 sneak peeks part 3

Moonlight Boardgame Festival 2019 comes real soon. Two previous chapters (you can find it here and here) were discussing the publishers-slash-designers and their games they would like to showcase. In this part, we'd like to tell you more about the convention itself. They have released more information about […]

[News] Moonlight Boardgame Festival 2019 sneak peeks part 2

Hello and welcome back to the juiciest sneak peeks and spoilers for Moonlight Boardgame Festival 2019! Last time we have covered the games from Enjoy Thinking Studio, Play With Us Design, and itten. If you miss part 1, you can still read it here! The games they'll showcase […]

[News] The Launch of BARPIG: After Hours in Kickstarter

Big News from Your Friendly Pig Neighbour I bet your hangouts at the bar have not been dull since  BARPIG entered your life. And so has mine! Thankfully, no harm has been involved in the process of having fun with it. *winks* But just when you thought your […]

[News] Moonlight Boardgame Festival 2019 sneak peeks part 1

Here's some sneak peeks and juicy spoilers from the exhibitors. They will bring their flagships and new releases to Moonlight Boardgame Festival 2019!

[News] The next big hits: Taiwan’s Moonlight Board Game Festival 2019

Most of the board game and tabletop conventions are dominantly happening in Europe and North America. Spiel Essen and Gen Con are the two giants people mostly know. Besides these two, hardcore enthusiasts are aware of other yet important cons like Nürnberg Toys Fair. Then, the growth of […]

[News] Day 4 That Ends Spiel Essen 2018

Alas, came the last day of Spiel Essen 2018. Meeple Eksyen crew decided to take it back a few notch to enjoy the last day of this annual convention. Besides picking up the promised demo copies for our review rubrics, we also spared some time to look around […]

[News] Day 3 Spiel Essen 2018, Still Going Strong

The expected booming amount of visitors at the end of the weekend has been anticipated by coming earlier. Sadly, a lot of visitors were also on the same page. In the end, Meeple Eksyen crew were stuck in a queue tailing from the main gate. To reduce the […]

[News] Day 2 Spiel Essen 2018, More Games to Check

The gates to Spiel Essen 2018 was opened again at 10 AM the next day. The queue alone has built up since 9 AM on that windy Friday. With our 45 vigor, we entered Hall 3 to cover other board games and pick up review copies that had […]

[News] A Very Big Day 1 in Spiel Essen 2018

10 AM sharp GMT +1, the gates to one of the biggest board game convention in the world is opened. Thousands of people entered slowly, but surely to try various games displayed by publishers and designers from all over the world. Thus the four-day adventure begins. In this […]

[News] The Latest Hype: Spiel Essen 2018

Spiel Essen 2018 is coming next month. The event will be held from 25/10 to 28/10 this year and there’s a lot of things to cover and explore. The official source informed that this year’s event will break the record: it is anticipated that there will be 180.000 […]