Spiel Messe 2022 — Day Zero

The Spiel Messe 2022 edition has once again opened its curtain on Wednesday (5/10). As always, the exhibition was opened by a press conference, briefing us fellow content creators and journalists the statistic and facts about this year’s favourite board game convention. But that’s not necessarily why we were attending this opening act — we waited for the announcement of innoSPIEL and Deutscher Spiele Preis 2022.

The numbers, in fact, are quite positive this year. There will be around 950 exhibitors from 56 nations at Spiel Messe 2022 — a significant increase from 620 showmen previously.

They are bringing more than 1,800 new games to the market. On another side note, we will once again see the Goliaths in the hall, for example, the Asmodee group is once again to be seen on the hall plan.

The award-winning games

I was not surprised when Arche Nova (Ark Nova) from Mathias Wigge won the prestigious Deutscher Spiele Preis for this year’s edition. In fact, I guess most euro game fans agree to say that it is bound to happen. His competitions were not light to beat, though — Dune Imperium and Cascadia were on the mix of nominees as well. The localization to bring this game in German was a success for Feuerland Spiele.

For the children’s game section, Quacks & Co. Nach Quedlinburg won the Deutscher Kinderspiele Preis. Wolfgang Warsch reimplemented his family game to fit more for the younger audience — and that effort was worth it. I am not really into games for kids, but maybe I need to look into this game for my cousins, and my nephews and nieces.

Last, but not least, Hey Yo from Oink Games achieved success by topping the innoSPIEL 2022. The game is pretty entertaining, and its concept is definitely innovative. Each box comes with a small device, as players need to play along with the music rhythm to score points.

Afterwards, all publishers showcased their new releases in Hall 1. I always deem this part as the mini-SPIEL, a chance to scout abundant interesting games. There are a few games which have been on my wish list since their announcement, though. For example, Lacrimosa from Devir, and the new reskin of Mombasa from Pegasus Spiele, Skymines. Take a peek at my Instagram to look at more games from this sideshow.

Enjoying SPIEL Messe 2022

Tomorrow, we will see the geeks and nerds queuing once more at every entrance point of Spiel Messe. Don’t forget to wear your mask before entering the premise! Stay safe, stay healthy, and have fun.

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