Barpig: The Great Festival, the final saga [Preview]

After rolling since 2017 and one stand-alone game, the Barpig tavern would finally get its new instalment, The Great Festival expansion. This will be the final expansion for the game, a well-deserved way to close the curtain on all the brands of humour which the pig-folks have been enjoying until now.

For those who don’t know Barpig, our co-founder, Athalia, has covered it in one of our very first articles back then. To sum it up briefly: Barpig is a compact party game, embodied in a card format. It combines several famous mechanics, such as dice rolling, take-that, and push-your-luck, to weave a hilarious and chaotic, gaming experience. Barpig is an epitome of light-hearted, drinking game that could escalate to be pretty competitive.

Barpig: The Great Festival is currently running on Kickstarter.

The Great Festival comes up with nine unique Characters and their challenges, as well as 14 brand-new Item card types. These will entertain you more for sure, especially because the Item cards offer more colourful take-that effects. In addition, the new Characters from all over the pig-folk universe are there to complicate the gameplay with their strange challenges. There is no additional rule that adds complexity into the game. This approach is actually understandable to keep Barpig simple and easy-to-understand.

The artwork style stays close and true to the original 2017 release, but at the same time brings the players to a whole new range of engaging details. The new characters are extraordinarily eye-catching, but I had no hard time to pick The Sakerai as my absolute favourite. Playing pun and wording, combining the word sake (alcohol) and samurai into one, that’s creative. Our Sakerai is trying hard to be a fierce-looking pig-folk with its katana strapped into its waist. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the characters are less charming, anyway. For those who know me well, you probably know that feudal Japanese is my weak spot.

Whether to be played with Barpig or its stand-alone Barpig: After Hours, The Great Festival expansion can fit right away. The content successfully drives the uniqueness of each character, and by doing so, pushes the players to improvise their strategies according to their personality and preference.

Well, please don’t expect a high-level and deep strategy like in your regular euro board games, though. That’s not the initial spirit of the game because the pig-folks are here to have some fun and not to grind gears!

Still bringing the Barpig spirits, The Great Festival is illustrated and designed with a touch of adult humours. It’s perfect and fine for me, since l’m a fan of crude jokes myself. However, the humorous pig-folks may be a tad unsettling for some, so we’d suggest playing the game with the appropriate audiences only. Of course, it’s a subjective matter in the end, but a little nudge in the beginning as reminder would be great, right?


Barpig: The Great Festival will be live on Kickstarter. If you are seeking for a lightweight and easy-to-learn card game for a crowd, look no further and click that Pledge button later. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, and it really connects you with your fellow players, thanks to the silly and hilarious challenges contained in this final expansion pack. My group, some readers, and even maybe John (the designer) himself, they know that this is not the typical game l’d be willing to play. Yet here I am, playing Barpig with my friends, laughing while doing all shenanigans and mischiefs the cards order me to do. And we love it!

As a final warning before the witty game starts, it might get pretty loud if you have many pig-folks playing in a round. Thus, don’t make the bartender of your tavern mad due to too much noise. Otherwise, your fate would be the same as when this card is drawn from the deck.

Thank you, John, for trusting us since the Day One we wrote and built this blog. Barpig will always have a place in our hearts. This is a perfect way to close the curtain on a party game with The Great Festival. What’s next after Barpig, then? We really can’t wait for your next game, hopefully you’ll release something new very soon.

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