Sub Terra Board Game: Play in the Darkness [Review]

“Baby Shark ate Shark, W-what the Hell is That..



Let’s Descend..

Sub Terra Board Game ia a Horror themed Board Game by Inside the Box Board Games LLP (ITB). This cooperative game can be played by 1-6 players about 60 minutes. The story start from a cavers crew that trapped inside the cave and try to find exit… alive of course.. That won’t be easy because aside of the fragile condition of the cave, we also not alone down there… there’s something.. in the darkness… ?

*Scary sound effect: ON (kyaaa..) ?



Before we go to far guys~  ? a brief info that Sub Terra was my first pledge by me & 2 other friends from Kickstarter. At first, I gain some interest with boardgame in 2016 by learned to play Carcassonne with friends, a replayable boardgame with different tiling. Since we play much, we want to have something unusual.. so.. suddenly I saw Sub Terra.. such mesmerized my heart, soul, and wallet~ *click pledge ?

We See, We Pledge, We Wait.


It’s been quite some time to acquired this game (almost a yera) because of the shipping, but after the game arrived, waw, I don’t have any regret! ?

Whyyy? Because…  it’s GLOW IN THE DARK!! ? Yups, some of Sub Terra’s components glow under UV light, add some atmosphere in the game. Moreover, ITB Board Games send BG Sound to all the backer that can be played during the game. It may seems boring at first, but as time passes by, the ambient will grow more creepy and intense ? That’s very good, guys~


How to Play Sub Terra?

Choose your own character! ? Each character have special skills that useful during caving. Make sure you can cooperate well with your friends’ characters, ‘kay? (we play a cooperative game, so we must need each other ?) After complete the preparation, let’s us begin from the Starting tile~

Ready to go?

The game begins with ACTION phase: We all just need to decide where we will go, opening maps, or else.. and if you want to exert your action, throw the dice… But, discuss well if you need to be hurried? Or wanna wait for your friends to catch up? Try not to faint in the game, because it’ll do extra work to your mates.. ?

What would you do next?

After all players finished their turns, then the HORROR phase begin: Inside the cave, there’s something watching from the corner, and it will crawl one by one.. closer to us.. uwaa.. ?

Following those scary things, don’t feel relieve yet guys~ because it’s time to HAZARD phase: In this phase, a hazard card will be opened from the deck.. Tremor? Flood? Cave-in? Poisoned Gas? Somebody farting? ? Hold your breath and pray that you can still survive this ? you can breath a little in the END phase: Don’t forget to continueing next rounds by giving the First Player Token to the next character on your left, and repeat these phases until finish.. (or game over). ?

Pingsan gara-gara gas.. Siapa yang buang gas.. -KO by the gas.. Okay, who’s farting..

Is this review in the cheerful mood? Waits, never underestimate~ there’s some stage when the crazyness can’t be contained.. and we only can laugh in despair AHAHAHA.. ? We played this game with cold sweat and DOKI DOKI~ Eh, Hana like such difficult game? Nah, it’s not that hard guys~ for a cheap newbie like me and playmates, it’s suitable and compatible, we only need around 10 minutes to do rules explanation and also another 10 minutes to do set-up.

How to win in this game? Find the exit tile..and RUN to it.

How to finishing Sub Terra? Quite simple, just try to find the Exit tile and get out : Because we don’t have much time. Your mates still unconcious inside? Hmm.. well, we don’t exactly need to get everyone out.. Sometimes it necesarry to sacrafice a friend to save yourself, hohoho… (what kind of friend iz dis ?)

Easy but difficult to escape from Sub Terra, it needs strategy and luck, and sanity of course… ? where’s exactly the Exit Tile? It was placed randomly between 6 last tiles~ So.. get back to work..

“Are we there yet?” “Not yet, but something is there..”

Conclusion? Let’s Play More and More!

This will always be my favourite game all the time ?, the art dark-ish and fit with the atmosphere. The components is a good quality, moreover it was fantastic because this is the first time I can play boardgame in darkness with antern and UV light. Core game box can fit all the expansions too (3 expansions) if you placed it neatly. The particularly part is : High replayability, we must play different strategy to each journey. From 10 playtime, we can managed to Exit for about 3 to 4 times (depends on the team mate, are they in a stable mind to play or not.. ahaha) the finishing feeling can be so so epic and emotional moment.. **hiks cry emotionally.. ?.

Skor 10/10 from me of course, you must play this game for sure~ that’s what hardcore things to do~ Oh, if you want to playtesting the PnP (Print and Play), you also can, because ITB share the prototype file for free here. That’s all an amateur review from Indonesia. Please ignore our pillow face after pull aan afternight playday wkwkwkwk~ ? I hope we can someday play Sub Terra afterhour again guys~ Bhaaaay~ ?‍♀️


UPDATE: We heard ITB go to Essen 2018!

We should go there and say hi!

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