SPIEL 2021 Day Two: Ready with some extra cash [News]

I learnt my mistake during my first day in SPIEL 2021, and before my journey in the SPIEL 2021 Day Two began, I went to the ATM. Bringing some extra cash helped me to purchase some new games today. Nevertheless, there were some games I missed because they were sold out in the first day.

This is the last SPIEL this year in the weekdays. The crowds were even bigger than yesterday, but I expected the peak tomorrow. Saturday should be pretty full. I tried and purchased all what I could today!


As press, I got the privilege to enter the hall earlier than the others. However, today I went and waited for the gate to open at 10 a.m. sharp with the other visitors. The last time I waited in the queue was in 2017, and I missed the feeling.

To anticipate a long queue, which would have forced me to wait outside with the chilling wind, I arrived a bit sooner than I usually do. There were some visitors already waiting for the gate. I took this picture at around 8.30 a.m. today, and I was already away from the gate! I couldn’t imagine where I would have been if I were a tad too late today. Maybe I would have cancelled this plan and headed for the press entrance.


Like I mentioned earlier, today was the last weekday for SPIEL Messe, and it was more crowded than before. I planned to secure all my crucial acquisitions today. Planning was never my forte, though. I got swayed and distracted easily, and it happened today as well! I bought another thing that didn’t get into my list today, but I don’t really regret this impulsive purchase.

PARIS: Eiffel from Devir Iberia (AGAIN)

I have actually decided to wait for the German version (usually printed by Kosmos Verlag) for the expansion of Paris. My core game is actually in German, so I always keep the game’s and its expansions’ language uniform. Anyway, I managed to play and write my thoughts here.

However, Paris is actually a language-independent game. And there were not many copies left in their booth. I still don’t know if my purchase was purely impulsive, or it was just a panic buying.

It was lucky that Devir accepted card payment. After this unplanned expenditure, I promised myself not to buy anything else outside what’s on the loot list.

Got lucky, got Messina 1347

Rushing to the Hall 5, I managed to acquire one of the last copies they have of Messina 1347. This game, just like Bitoku, is one of the best-selling and most-wanted ones this year. I consider myself lucky to obtain both of them.

It was a swarm in their booth, so I didn’t manage to have a seat and try the game on the spot. One of the designers, Raúl Fernández Aparicio, was also on-sight. I think I will ask him to sign my copy when I meet him again during the fair. I didn’t see Vladimír Suchý today, though.


Mebo from Portugal actually did accept card payment, but their terminal was not working correctly during the fair. Their latest game brings you to the beautiful city of Lisbon with its iconic Metro No. 28.

As usual, our friend Nuno was behind the cash register with his team. He told me that Pedro Santos Silva, the designer, was available on the table and explain how the game goes. He is a friendly guy, and he signed my copy (and the promo cards). Trust me, behind this mask was a smiling face.

I have reviewed one title from Mebo before. Their games are astounding, and so is this year’s release. Did you guys know that Lisbon Metro 28 is Pedro’s first game? Cheers for so many games in the future! I really wish to see more masterpieces coming from him.


After securing the games we wanted to obtain, we had much time to wait on the line and play something. Well, the waiting was longer than the session, but we were still happy.


I am powerless against nice-looking games, and Murano: Light Masters belongs to this category. Published by Matagot from France, it depicts a story in a city in Italy. Murano is well-known with their glassmakers, and we become one of them.

Competing to make the most beautiful glass decorations, we create our glass masterpieces to gain the Grand Master title.


Granna’s booth was rather small, but the crowd swarming it was far from small. No wonder their Gutenberg sold out already. This was one of the games that I failed to secure. However, I secured a spot to try the game.

Going back to the 15th century, we played as the printing pioneers in the era. Printing requires good workshop, adequate inks, and some new fonts for the press. Personally, I love the background and thematic aspect surrounding Gutenberg. It fits perfectly with the gameplay and mechanic.


I backed this game on Kickstarter because I love its prequel, Tōkaidō. Knowing that I can try Namiji during the fair, I also expected that most of the visitors would think the same. We got lucky that we got a table today! In addition, Sebastian, Funforge’s helper to explain the game, was friendly and helpful.

I could say that Namiji is like Tōkaidō 2.0. The core stays the same, but Namiji has more things to consider on the board. My personal favourite is the addition of secret objectives and fishing. Both can lead to more points, if we do it properly.


My dream is to have a dedicated board game table that can still convert into my daily dining table. Mein Spiel Tisch is a board game table from Neckartenzlingen, a city near Stuttgart. Schreinerei Spandau is the workshop that produces this masterpiece. The one you see here is their Zenturio line.


I was in my energy-saving mode today, so I kept things easy. I predicted that tomorrow would be the peak for the fair, and I wanted to be fit. See you tomorrow!

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