Adventures in Neverland: Live up your Peter Pan’s Dream [News]

Adventures in Neverland is another project from Black Box Adventures. They will go live to Kickstarter on 28/4 this year. You can visit their Kickstarter page here. You can find what awaits you from their statement below.

Imagine undertaking your own adventure in Neverland, the famous ever-changing island, imagined by J.M. Barrie. As a huge Peter Pan fan, Vicky Swers created a unique story-telling game where you become a protagonist of your own story in Neverland. Take on the role of the wayward Peter, the notorious Captain Hook, or cheeky Tinker Bell while exploring the island, fulfilling your quests and hampering your opponents.

Black Box Adventures

Oh, that’s a spicy introduction from Black Box Adventures! Adventures in Neverland was also introduced as a prototype during Spiel Essen 2019. More from the developers, this game will include six playable characters with various adventures and side quests. All of your decisions will affect how you shape the island. They promised that this game’s story will be an immersive experience!

In addition to the ‘core box’, there will be an expansion which enables you to go for a cooperative game mode. The game is intended for age 12 and above, so I think this will be a good addition for your family gaming night, too! It will take 30 minutes per player to finish the game. At the end of the game, whoever gathers the most adventure points will be the winner.

More information regarding ‘What’s in the Box’, components, rulebook, and many more will be provided in the Kickstarter page when it gets online.

Adventures in Neverland is originally designed by Vicky Swers and co-designed by Bart Latten and Bas Damoiseaux. More about the publisher, then… Black Box Adventures is a group of indie game developers based in The Netherlands. I knew them from their Kickstarter project, Itchy Monkey, which I also covered before here.

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