NEXUM Galaxy: The galaxy’s veni, vidi, vici [Preview]

They say the galaxy is a vast, unlimited space full of systems. Yet, they didn’t even mention how limited the resources and habitable planets in the cold, dark void-like lacuna. NEXUM Galaxy unfolds the struggle of the four most advanced civilizations. Get ready for some epic action, all sci-fi fans!

A short disclaimer before you read my board game analysis

As an avid euro gamer and hardcore Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) LCG player, my reviews may reflect a preference for these styles, and I may not cover solo games/variants extensively. Please note that my personal remarks are based on my gaming experiences, and I aim to provide honest insights within the scope of my preferences.

This game is currently running on Kickstarter. You still have some time left to back the project. If you are looking for a tutorial video, you can check it out on YouTube. As usual, this is a preview and I will not discuss the components.


Taking place in some epic interplanetary battles, Eclipse Editorial incorporates the background story in the game smoothly. Nexum Galaxy’s concept relies upon its three X in the core set. First, they will expand their territories. Next, the civilizations will exploit the resources. And it’s not an epic battle if we don’t include exterminating the enemy.

Nexum Galaxy put some mechanics to good use here. We can definitely see an area movement as the main mechanic. The two main actions include moving and producing ships. All these actions need to spend resources, and there we have a resource management, too.

The ship movement and production, including resource generation, can be done by playing and flipping one of the four action cards.

These cards can only be flipped back to its face side if the players have used all cards once.

I have been in touch with this kind of mechanic back then. It’s a good facet that gives an action management system to the game.

The fourth X from the expansion

You can back the Asteroids’ expansion during the Kickstarter campaign. It gives an extra X to Nexum Galaxy: exploration. The publisher also promises an asymmetric gameplay within. I hope they also come in the retail edition.

Modular board with scenarios

Just like the ever-changing galaxy, the board will always be different. Thanks to its modular board and different scenarios in the box, we will have a unique experience in each gameplay. Eighteen scenarios are prepared in this game, and it sure has replay value.


If you are looking for a medium-weight game with only short duration to play, Nexum Galaxy will suit your preference. The simple rule makes it easy to comprehend. It has that depth we are longing for, where it still grinds your gear but does not make your head overheated. Very accessible, indeed.

The replay value ensures Nexum Galaxy meeting your gaming table more often, too.

Overall, the game is more tactical. Albeit planning what we want to do next is necessary, changes are mostly inevitable. When being reactive is your cup of tea, you will have an enjoyable amount of time playing this piece. This game may be interesting for the sci-fi fans as well!

The Kickstarter campaign runs until July 7th. Make sure you don't miss the spaceship!

All pictures are the courtesy of Draco Ideas and Eclipse Editorial.

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