Keyforge: An adventure with the Rise of the Keyraken [Review]

On April 2021, Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) made an interesting press release for the Rise of the Keyraken. They release the Keyraken as a print-and-play (PNP) module, and it is their very first co-op game mode for Keyforge.

Players team up to defeat the Keyraken, a colossal creature that inhabits the unilluminated seabed. Just like the Kraken, this monstrosity gets released by a villainous organization to wreak havoc in the Crucible. Dr. Escotera (Keyforge avid players will know him) and his valuable knowledge has gathered the Archons to prevent the calamity when this creature emerges from the deep blue ocean.


In this Rise of the Keyraken adventure, up to three players will do anything to defeat the Keyraken and prevent it to resurface. Keyraken’s abundant health point is not to be underestimated. With a multiplier of 30 times of the number of players, this creature still gets it covered with an (almost) impenetrable armour, two times the amount of the unforged keys from each active player.

Source: FFG

The AI wins if it successfully rises four times towards the surface. Boosted by Æmber, which cost of this Rise of the Keyraken variably depends on the tide and ebb. All players need to find a way to deal damage to this dangerous creature while impeding its way up. It is undoubtedly a labour of Hercules, especially when the Keyraken is equipped with a deck of actions and tentacles. They are capable to spoil your plans.

When playing with a party of players, all share the same battle line but with different Æmber pool per player. Thus, it is essential to discuss and interact with all players. Playing and planning cooperatively will help to take down the Keyraken.


Source: FFG

The latest (and the first) adventure in the Crucible’s deep blue ocean is another fruitful side project from the Dark Tidings. Keyforge’s adventure of the Rise of the Keyraken brings a new nuance to the game.

It is an interesting experience because I can try all my decks in my collection. Through some trials-and-errors, it is obvious that some decks are easily capable to stop the Rise of the Keyraken, while some others may face a hard time to stop this creature.

Playing against the Keyraken requires a different strategy and tactical mindset compared to when facing against an organic player. I usually play some strong creatures to hit the Keyraken, and while dealing damage, take some actions to steal its Æmber. This way, I can take it down and have some time by delaying its rising.

With that being said, we cannot generalise that a competitive deck we use to play against another player will always thrive when facing the Keyraken. Several decks of mine with low winning rate when combating another player, proven to be effective for this co-op variant.

Overall, Rise of the Keyraken provides a positive impression. This variant opens the possibility to future co-op gameplay and also provides the window to experiment with our decks. It also has several difficulty levels we can adjust to face the challenge.

You can access and download the print-and-play file from their website. Good luck, fellas!

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