Doxie Dash: Your Neighborhood Hero in a Size of a Wiener [Review]

Batman? Ironman? Spiderman?  Who?

In the midst of the rise of so many superheroes, aren’t you bored seeing how fictional they are? Sturdy abs, flying capes, spider-shooting gloves, thunder hammer are all nice and dreamy, but could you imagine one arriving in your neighborhood? (Even I can’t myself) Alas, comes the hero we need in our real life as depicted in Doxie Dash! Yeah, that’s right, what better living creature best suited as a super hero than dogs (Wieners to be exact in this case).

Mackerel Sky Games has probably been a few steps ahead than DC or even Marvel when it comes to superheroes (Watch out Avengers, here comes an army of cute Dachshunds up your alley). In this game of two to six players, you get to be a Dachshund with unique abilities trying to fight the daily struggles of a, well, a typical house dog (which is ruff being an adorable fluff with stubby legs, okay!?). Including competing with other fellow fluffs to reach the highest score and become the leader of the pack!

Getting Pooed is Not so Bad

While you think that stepping on a poo means a bad day, well not in this case. The first player to draw a Poo Card gets to be the player one (drawing starts from the youngest player). That lucky player also gets to deal two Hero Cards to each player which then are eliminated till they are left with their hero of choice. The rest of the Hero Cards are then set aside back into the box and the other rest of the cards will build the Game Deck. Shuffle it and deal eleven cards to each player with the remaining being stacked in the center of the gaming arena.


Without further ado, unlease the hounds!

How to Be King of the Fluffs

You start each turn by placing one card face down, revealing it together, and passing the deck to the person on the left. Continue doing this until there are no cards left to pass. But wait! You don’t tally up your deck now. Starting from player one, you get to trade any cards that you deem unsuitable with new cards of the same number from the Game Deck. (Now) You can count the score of the whole cards in possessions. Including your starting Hero and it’s ability.


Will Player One be the same person? Good question, that role will fall upon the player with the least score during the previous round. Three rounds right? Again no. The game ends after one of you reaches or exceeds a score of 100 points. After the final tally, the person with the highest score is crowned King of the Fluffs! There should be no two fluff kings, so in a tie, the player owning the highest number of Dash Cards wins, but if another tie occurs, the it’s the Fluff God’s willing to let there be two King of the Fluffs!

Counting is Ruff

As any set collection game goes, you have to know the collections you’re aiming for. It’s a good day for you if you’re able to own many collections, but focusing on two or three is also enough to win. Let’s start with the Lick Attack cards which amounts to the number depicted on it. Skivvies value more when you are able to collect all three of them. Water and Kibble scores on their own, but will be worth five times more for each pair (Every meal comes with a drink, naturally).


Disclaimer: Again, poo is not bad. Poo cards are available to be combined with either Floors or Rugs. The Dash Card is to be used whenever you have to defeat foes such as the Vacuum, the Stranger, and the Badger (You could also add a Meep to increase the score). But be careful with your calculation, if undefeated or left with any unused Meeps, it will deduct your score at the final tally. To spice up the game, you can use Toy to exchange two cards from the draw pile. Lastly, don’t forget to use your Hero’s unique ability according to the situation written.

Tuff, Tuffer, Tuffest

I can only say that everyone’s a winner basically. You get to play cute Dachshunds, stir up some mess, if you ask me, I’m already happy with that. The pixelated style brings back good old arcade game vibes combined with wonderful design and color picking (especially that cover!). Notice how the Carpet and Floor looks real when you align it (plus the Poo on top)! The mechanism is the all time favorite set collection, so it’s a good gateway for beginners or just any dog lovers basically. Feeling everything too basic? Then challenge your group with the Team Play Option. Still not tuff enough? Then one up everything into the Tournament Option. Mackerel Games has got you covered even before you think of the word “bored”.


Stay tuff to face the ruff days *wuff*

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