Moonlight Boardgame Festival 2019 sneak peeks part 3 [News]


Moonlight Boardgame Festival 2019 comes real soon. Two previous chapters (you can find it here and here) were discussing the publishers-slash-designers and their games they would like to showcase. In this part, we’d like to tell you more about the convention itself. They have released more information about the expo details. Here’s what I got from them!

The list of exhibitors

Although we have mentioned about it earlier, we’d like to once again share the list of the exhibitors in the Moonlight Boardgame Festival 2019. Some of them have been mentioned before in the previous two parts; the others will also be discussed in the next chapter! Here’s the list of the participants and their booth so you know your rendezvous point.

Moonlight Boardgame Festival 2019 Exhibitor list

Meanwhile, they also released the maps to guide you getting to the booth easily. I am still waiting for their guide for non-Chinese speakers, though! I hope they release one because it will be really helpful because it’s more or less one month away from the expo and it’s definitely not enough time for me to learn Chinese. Lol.

Moonlight Boardgame Festival 2019 Map 2
Moonlight Boardgame Festival 2019 Map

Schedule for the gamification forum

On Saturday (29/6) there will be a forum for educators to use gamification for education matters. There are a list of lecturers that will stand under the spotlight to be the key speakers in the topic. This forum is a corporation project with AGIEA, an institution which develops innovation in the education world in Asia. If you are interested in this matter, the following schedule are available online and/or you can see it below.

AGIEA Education Gamification Forum

Ticket box is now online

The ticket to enter this Moonlight Boardgames Festival 2019 is already online. You can order your ticket here. The price starts from NT$ 200 and up to NT$ 800 depending on the pass. They open the booking of online tickets up to 12/6 at 23:45. Book your ticket asap so you do not miss this expo!

More info for Moonlight Boardgames Festival 2019 will be delivered in the next article as well. Don’t miss our updates! Follow and subscribe our Facebook and Instagram for more details.

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